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Ally Stone Stone Products:

Our ranges cover granite, marble, limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine, onyx, pebble, quartzite and basalt. Product Availability:Dimensional cut to size marble slabs, granite gang saw and circular saw slabs, limestone slabs, travertine slabs, onyx slabs, marble granite half slabs for fabricators. Marble tiles, granite tiles, sandstone tiles, limestone tiles, travertine tiles, slate tiles, pebble tiles for flooring and roofing. Granite mushroom blocks, granite bricks, paving stones, granite curbstones, and granite cube stones for play yards, traditional or country houses.

Prefabricated (prefab) or customer size marble countertops, marble worktops, marble islands, granite countertops, granite worktops, granite islands, bar tops, tabletops,double granite bowl Kitchen sink, kitchen faucets, drawer knobs and handles for kitchen cabinets.Front desk, business center, and public bathroom for hotels. Marble vanity tops, granite vanities, straight front, bowed front, banjo front shapes. Eased, drip less, bull nose, half bull nose, laminated ogee edges,Marble granite monument tombstones, memorials stone, pet memorial, head stone, and gravestone. etc.

Solid granite sink bowl, marble sink bowl, onyx sink bowl, pedestal stone sink, marble bathtubs, granite bathtubs, nickel-plated brass accessories and claw-foot. Shower panels, tub surrounds, soap dishes for bathrooms. Factory applies sealer for stone maintenance and care. Curve marble and granite panels, solid and hollow columns and pillars for exterior and interior.

The Newest Stone Article :
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