Ally Stone Quarry

Ally currently operates at six granite quarries including: Jinjiang (G603), Zhangzhou (Tiger Skin Yellow), Changtai (G654);  Nanan (G681 & 682) and Guangdongi (Huidong red), Hebei (Cindy Green). At its own granite processing plant located in Shuitou, the company processes domestic granite blocks extracted from its own quarries. Since the ancient century, China has used G603, G654, G681, G682, Cindy Green, Shanxi Black, Huidong Red and Tiger Skin Yellow for their proven durability in China climates and for its unique beauty. These materials are still available direct from the underground quarry and stone fabrication shop for new and historic restoration projects. Ally Stone can cut, carve, turn or otherwise fabricate and finish these historic stone materials to your specifications Historic building stone gives the builder an advantage that stone from unfamiliar sources can't match; its durability in local climate conditions can be accurately understood by observing the performance of the stone in existing buildings. Over two centuries, G603, G654, G681, G682, Cindy Green, Shanxi Black, Huidong Red and Tiger Skin Yellow have been shipped so widely that no part of settled China is without a nearby example. Until material has been exposed to a local climate for many years, its true character cannot be known. A carefully chosen historic building stone can help to guarantee the builder's legacy. A beautiful but untried import can cause it to crumble and spall.

In new work, this historic material delivers not just proven durability, but a familiar authority derived from continuity with the existing historic built environment that shares in it. Ally Stone quarry has quite recently produced many new buildings in Amoy, Peking and Shanghai. Builders are learning that the choice of a building stone is a consequential one and this understanding has produced a renewed interest in classic materials. Ally Stone expects to continue to expand capacity and production to meet the demand for this trusted building stone.

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